The CVBN tablet…making your flowers last!

Have you ever noticed that certain flowers, such as Gerber daisies, are repetitively the weakest link in your arrangements?  Some flowers just start fading after a few days while the other flowers in your vases are still standing tall.  These blooms are making your whole arrangement look wilted before its time!  And your customers are complaining.  How do you keep using in-demand flowers when it’s costing you money in waste and customer dissatisfaction?

Tradwinds to the rescue with a neat product that will help you save money and help your arrangements stay in the limelight!    We recently began carrying the CVBN Treatment, a slow released chlorine pill.  This magic pill has been a benefit to several types of flowers.  Why would you use a slow release chlorine pill?  Why not some other chlorine items, like pool chemical or bleach?  Studies have shown that a few hours after the initial dose, these chlorine products are dissipated from the water.  Yes, that’s right…after a few hours, the chlorine you put in is gone.  This is where the CVBN pill is far superior…it keeps dosing the water with chlorine as it dissolves, keeping sensitiveflowers from succumbing to bacteria.  This tiny tablet keeps your whole arrangement, including your more fragile flowers, fresher longer.


Stop by Tradewinds and pick up a convenient vial of 80 tablets for only $7.50!  At such a great price, there’s no reason to not give it a try.  Your pants, aprons and oft-bleached garments will appreciate it almost as much as your fresh product will.

2 thoughts on “The CVBN tablet…making your flowers last!

    • Hi there, you can place an order with our wholesale department by calling 954-584-6771
      however, you will need to be a qualified for wholesale. If you are not qualified you can call our Order Center at

      Thank you!

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